Tokyo – Sailor Stars (Part 4)

Galaxia told Eternal Sailor Moon how she collected Tuxedo Mask’s star seed and how he died. While Eternal Sailor Moon cried over Tuxedo Mask and the Inner Senshi’s deaths, Galaxia attacked them again but Sailor Chibi Chibi teleported them out of the throne room and into another part of the Ginga TV station. Galaxia didn’t understand how the light from Sailor Chibi Chibi could travel through Galaxia’s space so easily.

Eternal Sailor Moon found herself in a room within Ginga TV station with Sailor Chibi Chibi, the Outer Senshi, and the Sailor Starlights. “It wasn’t a dream,” Eternal Sailor Moon said sadly. “Mamo-chan and the others are gone.”
“We have survived again,” Sailor Starmaker said.
“We can’t win without the Light of Hope,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“That’s not true,” Sailor Saturn said. “Do you like Sailor Moon?”
“Yes,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“That’s good. We have the same hope then. Please believe in our princess.”
“We will defeat Galaxia,” Sailor Pluto said.
The four Outer Senshi ran off to fight Galaxia.

“We can’t fight,” Sailor Starhealer said. “We have nothing left to protect.”
Sailor Chibi Chibi looked at her and asked, “Nothing left?”
The Sailor Starlights recalled how the Inner Senshi died protecting them and knew that they must continue to fight.

Meanwhile, the Outer Senshi were still no match for Galaxia. “Even if you all attack me together, you can’t hurt me,” she laughed.
“Then I’ll kill you, even if costs me my life,” Sailor Saturn said.
Galaxia laughed again. “Who do you think was the one that revived you? I awoke Neherenia from her seal so that Sailor Saturn would come back. I want all the star seeds of the galaxy so I needed Sailor Saturn to be reawakened for that to happen!” Galaxia blasted Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto breaking the Silence Glaive and the Garnet Rod in two. She was about to kill them all when she offered them the same option she gave to her Anima-mates when they were Sailor Senshi.

“If you have these bracelets that contain my power, you can live even if you don’t have your star seed,” Galaxia said. “What are you going to do?”
“If I have to take orders from you, it’s better to die,” Sailor Pluto said.
“That’s right,” Sailor Saturn agreed. “Who wants to be your servant?”
“I’m interested,” Sailor Uranus said. “If you give those bracelets, I can live?”
Galaxia nodded.
Sailor Uranus looked at Sailor Neptune and said, “If I can be with you, I don’t mind selling my soul to the devil.”
“Yes,” Sailor Neptune agreed.
Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn were shocked and cried, “Aren’t you Sailor Senshi anymore?!”
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune approached Galaxia. “I’m with you until I die,” Sailor Neptune said.
“Let’s be together in hell,” Sailor Uranus said.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune allowed Galaxia to blast them and take their star seeds. Right after their star seeds came out, Galaxia put bracelets on their wrists so they wouldn’t die. Evil looks crossed Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune’s faces once the bracelets were on. “Your first order,” Galaxia said. “Take their star seeds,” referring to Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. The two immediately began to attack Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. At first, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn dodged the others’ attacks but when Sailor Neptune and Uranus blasted them with Galaxia’s bracelets, Sailor Pluto and Saturn closed their eyes and allowed their star seeds to be taken. Just then, Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights arrived to see Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn’s bodies fading away.

“It’s all right,” Sailor Pluto told Eternal Sailor Moon.
“Please follow your trusting heart,” Sailor Saturn said.

Sailor Saturn and Pluto died and their bodies vanished into balls of light. Eternal Sailor Moon turned toward Sailor Neptune and Uranus and saw the bracelets. She couldn’t believe it. “Now, take Sailor Moon’s star seed!” Galaxia commanded. Sailor Uranus and Neptune approached Eternal Sailor Moon.

“Stop it. We’re friends,” Eternal Sailor Moon said.
“We’ll take your star seed in such a way that you won’t have to suffer,” Sailor Neptune said.
“Because we’re friends,” Sailor Uranus added.
Galaxia laughed, “Show Sailor Moon the reality!” and she left.

They appeared in the ruins of the city and Sailor Uranus and Neptune fought the Sailor Starlights until Galaxia returned. “Have you given up hope yet?” Galaxia asked Eternal Sailor Moon.
“No, I haven’t,” Eternal Sailor Moon replied.
“Take her star seed,” Galaxia ordered Sailor Neptune and Uranus.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune both raised their bracelets toward Eternal Sailor Moon. The evil in their eyes disappeared and suddenly, they turned around and shot sparks at Galaxia. The sparks hit Galaxia but her star seed didn’t appear.

“It can’t be!” Sailor Neptune said. “The star seed didn’t appear.”
“It was a direct hit,” Sailor Uranus said.
“I never expected that there would be someone who wouldn’t become controlled by my bracelets,” Galaxia said. “It’s the first time I met Sailor Senshi like you.”
“She doesn’t have a star seed?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked with disbelief.

Galaxia laughed as she took away Sailor Neptune and Uranus’ bracelets. The two Sailor Senshi fell to the ground and began to fade away. “Why?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked Sailor Uranus in tears.
“This is our way,” Sailor Uranus said.
“Why didn’t you tell me? I really thought you became our enemy. I didn’t believe in you.”
“Protect Sailor Moon,” Sailor Uranus said to Sailor Starfighter.
“Our princess is a crybaby,” Sailor Neptune said with a smile. “Haruka?”
“What?” Sailor Uranus asked.
“I want to touch you.”

Sailor Neptune and Uranus were nearly transparent and reached out to each other but they were too far apart to touch. They struggled painfully until their hands were together. “I can see the light,” Sailor Neptune said.
“It’s warm, Michiru,” Sailor Uranus added.

Sailor Neptune and Uranus died and their bodies faded away into lights. All of Eternal Sailor Moon’s Sailor Senshi were dead. She, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and the Sailor Starlights were now the only Sailor Senshi left in the galaxy. Galaxia said that she would get their star seeds herself and the Sailor Senshi hid in rubble from Galaxia.

“Maybe it’s best if I just gave up,” Eternal Sailor Moon said tearfully. “They I can see all my friends again.”
“Do you know why Uranus and Neptune did that?” Sailor Starfighter asked Eternal Sailor Moon. “Was it because it was their way of fighting? No. It’s because they all believe in you. You’re a mysterious person. I thought that I would never be able to fight with you. But now I’m fighting with you. When I’m with you, I feel like I want to believe in people. I want to believe in you.”
“So? Everyone’s disappearing in front of me. Why?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked.
“When you give up is the time they truly disappear,” Sailor Starmaker said.
“But they all believe that you won’t ever give up,” Sailor Starhealer added. “That’s why they put their hope in you.”
“You want to give in to Galaxia that easily?” Sailor Starfighter asked.
“No,” Eternal Sailor Moon said.
“I knew you would say that,” Sailor Starfighter said. “I believe in you too.”
“Me too,” Sailor Starmaker agreed.
“It seems I do too,” Sailor Starhealer said.
“Fighter, Healer, Maker, we’re friends right?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked.
“Of course!” the Sailor Starlights said.

Galaxia was still blasting through everything, looking for them. Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights stepped out into her view. “Give up?” Galaxia asked.
“We won’t ever give up!” Eternal Sailor Moon defiately.
“Perhaps Sailor Moon might be the one with the Light of Hope that belonged to the legendary Sailor Senshi,” one of the Sailor Starlights suggested.

Galaxia heard this and laughed. “The legendary, strongest Sailor Senshi of all the galaxy is me, Sailor Galaxia! The strongest Sailor Senshi sealed Chaos inside of herself. It was the only way. Peace returned to the galaxy but there was nobody that she could rely on, so she decided she had to reconstruct the entire galaxy herself. Then she gathered the star seeds of the galaxy and became very powerful. Yes, I’m the legendary Sailor Senshi!”

Everyone was shocked but Eternal Sailor Moon asked her, “Was that the really only way? Why did you try to do everything yourself? If you got everyone to help, there could have been a better way. Maybe there was a way without sacrificing anybody.”
“What?!” Sailor Galaxia asked.
“If you’re a Sailor Senshi too, then we can all be friends.”

Sailor Galaxia laughed. “Do you know what happens at the end of a planet? People turn against each other. They even betray and escape. Those three with you are the same. They are traitors. Can you become friends with traitor?” She blasted them. “Where are you going to escape to now? The galaxy belongs to me. There’s nowhere to escape.”
“We’re not going to escape any more,” Sailor Starfighter said.
“For the planets that were destroyed by you,” Sailor Starmaker said.
“For the princess that protected us,” Sailor Starhealer said.
“And for the important friends that put their hope in us,” Sailor Starfighter said.

The Sailor Starlights attacked Sailor Galaxia once and it actually injured her. Sailor Galaxia got extremely angry and hit the Sailor Starlights with a powerful blast but before Sailor Galaxia could kill them, Eternal Sailor Moon stepped in the way. She tried to convince Sailor Galaxia to stop. The Sailor Starlights told her that Sailor Galaxia wouldn’t listen but Eternal Sailor Moon believed that if Sailor Galaxia was a Sailor Senshi, then they could be friends. After Sailor Galaxia blasted them some more, Eternal Sailor Moon took out the Silver Crystal but the Silver Crystal was still no match for Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Galaxia took the Silver Crystal, Eternal Sailor Moon’s star seed, and Eternal Sailor Moon’s costume disappeared so that only the ribbons of her transformation covered her. She collapsed lifeless on the ground. “The star seed of the princess of the moon, it’s one of the best in the galaxy,” Sailor Galaxia said with trimuph.

Sailor Galaxia remembered how she released her own star seed, the Light of Hope into space. “Everything will end without that power ever awakening.” Sailor Galaxia raised her sword to kill Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Chibi Chibi began to pray and suddenly she released a bright red light.

“This glitter…it can’t be!” Sailor Galaxia said with amazement. “The only light that can compete against me. The Light of Hope has awakened.”

The Silver Crystal went back into Eternal Sailor Moon and she was suddenly in space with a grown-up Sailor Chibi Chibi (Sailor Cosmos in the manga). Sailor Chibi Chibi recalled how she, Sailor Galaxia’s star seed, was released into space by Sailor Galaxia a long time ago and Sailor Galaxia told her to find the ones of love and justice who will take care of her.

“Who are you?” Eternal Sailor Moon asked.
“I was always looking for someone who would take me in,” Sailor Chibi Chibi answered.
“But who are you?”
“I’m the glitter that used to be Sailor Galaxia’s star, the Light of Hope. Please take me, my glitter of life.”
A pink butterfly flew into the Silver Crystal. “A warm light,” Eternal Sailor Moon said and she transformed into Princess Serenity.

Chibi Chibi turned into a long sword. “Please take this sword and defeat Sailor Galaxia.” Sailor Galaxia attacked Princess Serenity. Princess Serenity and the sword began to fall. “Don’t be confused,” Sailor Chibi Chibi said. Princess Serenity grabbed the sword and she stopped falling. Beautiful wings grew out of her back and she began to fly.

A great evil filled Sailor Galaxia’s eyes and her bracelets broke off one by one. Chaos took full control of Sailor Galaxia’s body. Her clothes became black, her skin grey, and she grew black bat-like wings. “You’re going to use that sword to fight me?” Chaos asked. “You can’t beat me with that power! This body belongs to the strongest Sailor Senshi in the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia!” Chaos attacked Princess Serenity with her sword and Princess Serenity blocked it but she did not fight back.

“Stop it. There’s no point in fighting,” Princess Serenity said.
“I will put an end to the Sailor Wars. To do that, all the glitter of the stars must disappear. Yours, and that Light of Hope!”
“She’s not Galaxia any more,” Sailor Chibi Chibi said from inside the sword. “Chaos has taken over. From the moment that she sealed Chaos inside her body, it had started taking over her body. She put her hope in her star seed and released it out to the galaxy. And, it made it’s way to you.”
“That was Chibi Chibi?” Princess Serenity asked.
“But it’s too late. Please save that galaxy with this sword.”

Sailor Chibi Chibi kept telling Princess Serenity to fight but she refused to and only tried to keep Chaos from hurting her. Eventually, Chaos shattered Princess Serenity’s sword. The pieces reverted back to an unconscious Sailor Chibi Chibi. “Nothing will come out of fighting. We just hurt each other,” Princess Serenity said. She tried to hug Sailor Chibi Chibi but Sailor Chibi Chibi died and her body disappeared into lights. “I’m sorry, Chibi Chibi,” Princess Serenity said.

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